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Ladder Prop Signs Holder - Natural Wood

Ladder Prop Signs Holder - Natural Wood

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Ladder Prop Signs Holder - Natural Wood

Elevate your photo booth prop game with our Wood Ladder Prop Signs Holder Wood! Made from durable plywood, this ladder-style holder is easy to assemble during your photo booth set up and quick disassemble for storage. It can hold up to 7 prop signs, making it perfect for guest to easily see and access your props. Get yours today!

  • Holds up to 7 prop signs
  • Color:  Natural Wood
  • Material : Plywood
  • Style: 4 interlocking piece - no screws 
  • Comes in plastic sleeve and box


No prop holder wood design is similar and all have their own wood grain characteristics. Natural wood color prop holder stands are stained  to capture a real wood look. Misuse or negligence while handling may cause the ware and damage to the color and structure of the prop sign holder.


  1. Open the packaging and remove the display stand.
  2. Take the back square panel with 2 slots facing up and a side panel with 7 slots facing up and the bottom slot facing down.
  3. Interlock them by sliding the side panel onto the back panel.
  4. Repeat the same process on the other side.
  5. Finally, take the small front panel with the 2 slots facing down and slide it onto the two the first slot of the side panels to connect all four sides.


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