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Song Prop Bundle

Song Prop Bundle

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Song Bundle - Photo Booth Props Signs

The Song Prop Bundle is finally here! Nothing brings people together like good tunes, and with these props, you'll have everyone singing during your photo booth sessions! From timeless rock classics to modern pop hits, there's a song that'll make everyone start singing. So, go ahead and grab your favorite song lyric prop, strike a pose and snap those photo booth pics!

  • Iconic Song Lyric Themed Props
  • Approx. 9 x9 inches
  • 5mm thick made from white pvc
  • Set of SEVEN (7) prop signs, double sided - total of 14 unique designs
  1. Baby got back | No scrubs
  2. Always be my baby | We're gonna party like its your birthday
  3. All you need is love | One in a million
  4. Living in a gangsta's paradise | All the single ladies 
  5. I want it that way | Hi, it's me, I'm the problem its me
  6. Keep rollin, rollin, rollin | Another one bites the dust
  7. Shine bright like a diamond | Smooth like butter

High-Quality and Durable:

Stop wasting your money on cheap paper props that break away easily even during first-time use. Our durable photo booth props are made from a strong PVC material that cannot be damaged easily. These 5MM thick prop signs are made to endure tough handling and countless use, hard to bend, difficult to break. They're made from WHITE PVC material to provide zero glares in any flash photography. WATERPROOF protects from drink spills and makes it very easy to clean.  Each of the prop sign approximately measures 12 x 8 inches with LARGE and CLEAR and VIBRANT font designs. They are sure to come out well in photographs. 



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