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Spanish Birthday 2 Prop Bundle

Spanish Birthday 2 Prop Bundle

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Spanish Birthday (2) Prop Bundle - Photo Booth Props & Signs

Make your birthday bash a hit with our fun and vibrant Spanish Birthday #2 Bundle photo booth props. These props are designed to add a pop of color to every photo booth snap with fun balloon text and classic black background. These fun phases that guest can relate to, because these things happen at every party. This photo booth prop set is perfect for any birthday or quinceañera photo booth setup. Swap out the birthday props and you can use them for any other celebration such as weddings and baby showers. Let's get the party started!

Haz que tu fiesta de cumpleaños sea un éxito con nuestros divertidos y vibrantes letreros para tu foto booth con el Paquete de Cumpleaños #2 en español. Estos accesorios están diseñados para agregar un toque de color a cada foto con un divertido texto en globo y un fondo negro clásico. Estas fases divertidas con las que los invitados pueden identificarse, porque estas cosas suceden en todas las fiestas jajaja. Este juego de letreros para foto booths es perfecto para cumpleaños o quinceañera. Cambie los letreros de feliz cumpleaños y podrá usarlos para cualquier otra celebración, como bodas y baby showers. ¡Que empiece la fiesta!

  • Spanish Birthday (2) Themed Props
  • Approx. 9 x9 inches
  • 5mm thick made from white pvc
  • Set of SEVEN (7) prop signs, double sided - total of 14 unique designs
  • Tema de Cumpleaños #2 - Conjunto de SIETE (7) letreros, de doble cara: total de 14 diseños únicos
  1. es mi cumple | adivina cuanto años tengo
  2. feliz cumpleaños | vine por el pastel
  3. la niña fresa | vine por el cetro de mesa
  4. el guapeton | no traje regalo
  5. que siga la fiesta | hay que amanecer bailando
  6. salud dinero amor | buescando mi media naranja
  7. hoy no hay dieta | llevo lonche para mañana


  1. It's my bday | Guess how old I am
  2. Happy birthday | I came for the cake
  3. The preppy chick | I came for the center piece
  4. The handsome guy | I didn't bring a gift
  5. Keep the party going | Lets dance until day break
  6. Health, money, love | Looking for my other half (orange)
  7. There is no diet today | Taking lunch for tomorrow

High-Quality and Durable:

Stop wasting your money on cheap paper props that break away easily even during first-time use. Our durable photo booth props are made from a strong PVC material that cannot be damaged easily. These 5MM thick prop signs are made to endure tough handling and countless use, hard to bend, difficult to break. They're made from WHITE PVC material to provide zero glares in any flash photography. WATERPROOF protects from drink spills and makes it very easy to clean.  Each of the prop sign approximately measures 12 x 8 inches with LARGE and CLEAR and VIBRANT font designs. They are sure to come out well in photographs. 



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